Gothla 2016 - 15th, 16th, 17th July 2016, Leicester

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A feast of gothic bellydance for cabaret and tribal dancers alike over a full weekend, beginning with a Showcase on Friday night, Open Stage and Club Night at Leicester Square on Saturday, workshops all day Saturday and Sunday in Leicester, UK.

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Performers in 2016

Ariellah Morgana and Excalibur Marjhani Bex Vesna Zorman Taya Maki Yvette Cowles Fulya The Lady Charlotte, Charlotte Burton Bridie Przibram Dawn O'Brien Heike Humphreys aka Akasha Ian Southwood Logi Listir
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Ariellah, Morgana, Marjhani, Morgana, Excalibur (mixed martial arts - MMA), Bex, Vesna Zorman, Yvette Cowles, Fulya, The Lady Charlotte, Taya Maki, Bridie Brzibram, Heike Humphreys, Dawn O'Brien, Ian Southwood, and Logi Listir.


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